Ocerra extracts data that exists on the invoice and set up per supplier, account code or purchase order as default data. For example, invoice number can only be extracted if Ocerra can find it on the invoice document. 

Account code (GL code) can be extracted either from your supplier settings or PO settings. 

Supplier name

Supplier name will be matched with the invoice layout manually when the invoice arrives to the system for the first time. Next time, Ocerra will match it automatically.

Invoice number

Invoice number is extracted from the document with the help of intelligent OCR. 

Invoice date

Invoice date is extracted from the document with the help of intelligent OCR.  

Invoice due date (Payment terms)

  • If it is on the invoice, Ocerra's OCR will pick it up, e.g. due on the 20th of September.
  • If invoice has "terms", e.g. due in 20 days, Ocerra will calculate the due date based on the invoice date. 
  • If there is no invoice date or terms on the invoice, Ocerra will check if supplier has a default payment term in your system to auto-fill this information on the invoice.

Purchase order number

Ocerra picks up Purchase Order (PO) number and matches it with the invoice PO number if it exists in your system.

Depending on your integration with Ocerra, PO information, such as supplier name, Tax code, Tax rate and Item Code will be added as well. 

It might change the information already extracted by Ocerra if PO settings are set to overwrite it. 

Net amount

Ocerra will pick up Net amount if it is included into the invoice. If supplier didn't include it, click on this icon and Ocerra will calculate it for you if Total and Tax amount are known:

Tax amount: GST or VAT
Ocerra will pick it up from the invoice, if it is missing from the invoice, you can add it the same way as shown above. 

Total amount

Ocerra will pick it up from the invoice, if it is missing from the invoice, you can add it the same way as shown above.


Ocerra will sync all the existing currencies from your system. You will see it here:

If currency is known on the invoice, Ocerra will pick it up automatically. If it is not indicated on the invoice, Ocerra will pick it up from the supplier settings.

Credit to

If you received a credit note, you should match it with the existing invoice by selecting credit to: invoice number. Depending on your integration, it will be then exported to your system as credit note. Pleaser read more about credit notes here.

Other (costs)

This field is reserved for costs such as freight or discounts listed in the summary of the invoice. You can read more about it here.

Tax (GST/ABN) number

Ocerra will pick it up from the invoice. It is used as a unique identifier to ensure this supplier is genuine. If supplier has no such number, you can train the system to read any other unique number from the invoice, e.g. phone number. 

You can export invoices without this number. 

Account/GL account

Ocerra will pick it up from the supplier settings or PO (if using). You can change if required per invoice. Learn more about GL accounts in Ocerra here.

Tax Rates

Ocerra will pick up tax rates based on the supplier or account code. We recommend setting up tax rates per supplier. If supplier has more than one tax rate, you can edit it on the invoice and Ocerra will remember it next time:

Learn more about Tax rate here.

Item codes (if using)

If using, Ocerra will capture item codes if they are found on the invoice or it will pick up from the PO (if using). 

To turn on Item codes, go to Settings - General and toggle Item Codes on, click save. 

Invoice description

Ocerra will capture line-by-line description from the invoice.

If you would like to add additional line information that is not on the invoice, click + Add line and type in any information required and click save. 

Quantities and amount on the line

Ocerra will capture quantities per line and net amount. If amount is tax inclusive, Ocerra will tick this box below GST Inc:

Total: Ocerra will show total quantities and total amount per invoice:

Please let us know if you need to extract more data from the invoice. We are happy to discuss this and add it for you if required.