• Learn about the due date & terms extraction on the invoice

Ocerra can extract both due date and terms on the invoice.

"Due date" from the invoice layout

If Due Date is on the invoice layout, Ocerra will pick it up:

(!) If invoice has Terms, e.g. "due in 20 days", Ocerra will calculate it if invoice date is known.

"Terms" using supplier settings

All the above scenarios are using OCR to extract and auto-fill due date from the invoice layout.

In Settings - General, there is a control parameter: Calculate Due Date:

When it is "On", Ocerra will detect and calculate due date/terms from the invoice layout.

If Calculate Due Date parameter is "Off", Ocerra will use supplier settings to calculate due date on the invoices. 

If  it is "Off", please ensure that you have default terms set per supplier in your system.