On the invoice summary suppliers may include, e.g. Freight or Discount. You may want to use "Other" filed to record it.

For example:


When posting to your system, it will create a new line for this cost using the GL Account set per supplier automatically. 

However, Ocerra doesn't know the GL code for other cost. You will have to update the GL Account in your ERP system if it varies from the default GL code set per supplier.

Alternatively, you can record this cost manually by adding a new line in Ocerra and selecting the right account before posting to your system.

Usually, this cost is GST exclusive and we recommend recording it using "Other" field in Ocerra. 

If "other" is GST inclusive please create a new line manually in Ocerra

When "Other" costs is GST inclusive, you should record in manually on a separate line before posting to your system:

- Leave the "other" field empty

 - Add a new line (+Add Line) and record manually this cost

- Tick "GST" inclusive check box

For example:

If you have both freight and discount on the summary of invoice, one can be recorded as an additional line on the invoice. Use +add line to add this cost manually on the line level, or add both lines individually on the invoice before posting.