• Other field in Ocerra is designed to pick up discounts, freight or other costs from the invoice summary.
  • By default, Ocerra is trained or can be trained to pick up the Other cost automatically for you. However, you can untrain it if required.

On the invoice summary suppliers may include, e.g. Freight, Discount or other costs. Ocerra is trained to enter this data into the Other field, for example:

  • When posting to your system, Ocerra will create a new line for this cost using the GL account and tax from your default supplier settings.
  • If you want to use a different GL account and tax, please remove the amount from the Other field and add this amount as a new line in Ocerra. This way you can select the GL account and tax for this cost in Ocerra. 
  • You may need to re-calculate the net amount on the header level to match a new amount on the line level.

For example:

(!) If there is an amount, such as 0.01, in the 'Other' field, it should be removed and added as a new line instead. Some MYOB configurations allow exporting these amounts to MYOB with default settings. In this setup, it's important to consistently record additional fees as new lines and avoid using the 'Other' cost field.

Training or Untraining the other cost

To train the system to pick up other cost correctly, please use value-based annotation. To untrain Ocerra, simply delete the Other cost and click save.