In this article, you will learn how to process credit notes in Ocerra and post it to your ERP system. 

On the header level (see image above), you will have to toggle the credit note “on” to tell the system it is a credit note.

Ocerra will automatically convert Net, GST and Total to a negative amount. We keep data in Ocerra for invoices with positive values and credit notes with negative values. 

There are two use cases available for processing credit notes in Ocerra.

A credit note is linked to an existing invoice. 

In this scenario, you should link a credit note to the existing invoice in Ocerra before posting to your system: 

  1. Toggle the Credit Note “on”
  2. Start typing in the invoice number, if it is in Ocerra it will pop up for you to select
  3. Click “save”
  4. The credit note is ready to post

A credit note is not linked to any invoice.

In this scenario, just toggle the credit note “on” and will post as a credit note to your system


  • In Ocerra, your credit notes must have negative Net, GST and Total.
  • On the line, it can be positive or negative; it should give the same result when posting. 

Credit Note on the invoice list in Ocerra:

Posting credit notes to your system