• Ocerra looks for the tax number such as ABN or GST on the invoice as one of the ways to match supplier name on the invoice layout for the very first time.
  • Ocerra can check an extracted Tax Number from the invoice layout against your supplier's tax number in the connected ERP or accounting system.

Example of the Tax Number extraction

Tax Number field and supplier matching process

  • A Tax Number is used to help the system match supplier name when it gets to Ocerra for the first time.

  • Any other unique information can be captured to the Tax Number field to help with the matching process. For example, a phone number can be used if a Tax Number is not found. It is not applicable if you using Tax Number extracted from the invoice to verify against the tax number on this supplier from your ERP or accounting system. Read more here.

Adding your Tax Number

A supplier invoice may contain its own tax number and your companies' tax number. To help the system identify supplier's tax number, you can add your Tax Number in Ocerra settings.

  • Go to Settings - General and add your ABN or GST number to ensure Ocerra excludes it from the data extraction process:

Verify invoice tax number against supplier's tax number in your system

Read more on this here: https://ocerra.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/60000879889-how-to-enable-supplier-validation-via-tax-number-