• The purpose of a Tax Number extraction in Ocerra is to help identify a supplier name for the very first time. 
  • To ensure Ocerra extracts suppliers Tax number not yours (sometimes both tax numbers are present on the invoice), please add your own Tax number in Ocerra settings. This will tell the system to exclude your tax number when the system extracts suppliers number from the invoice layout. See how to add your tax number below.

The purpose of extracting suppliers tax number from the invoice

In Ocerra, we are using a Tax Number field to capture any unique information from the invoice layout to help the system identify supplier name when it gets to Ocerra for the first time.

If a supplier name was matched manually, this field can be ignored. This Tax Number field is not used for any other purposes. Also, it can be other unique information such as a phone number. 

A Tax number may not be extracted in full or correctly, this is not critical. We ask to ignore this as there is no purpose of annotating it. 

For example, this is a normal extraction behavior for the tax number field:

Adding your Tax number to Ocerra settings

A supplier invoice may contain its own tax number and your companies' tax number. To ensure Ocerra extracts your suppliers Tax number, please add your own Tax number in Ocerra settings.

  • Go to Settings - General and add your ABN or GST number to ensure Ocerra excludes it from the data extraction process: