• How Ocerra assists in automating sub-account entry

Ocerra can assist you in auto-coding sub-accounts in two ways:

Supplier settings

You can set up a default sub-account per supplier in MYOB and Ocerra will use it when creating a new bill in your system. All lines will have the same sub-account code, and if it is different, you will have to update it in your system.

Purchase order

If you are using purchase order, a sub-account is already coded on this document. When you match PO with invoice in Ocerra, it will auto-code sub-account when creating a new bill in your system.

Please note, there is no sub-account entry option on the Ocerra screen. It is either defaulting from your supplier settings or purchase order line information.

Step 1:

  • Create Purchase Order in MYOB Advanced with sub-account(s) (you should use sub-account at the PO stage):

Step 2:

  • Match invoice with purchase order in Ocerra. (Happens automatically if PO number matches the PO number on the invoice):

Step 3:

  • Exporting invoice to MYOB. 

When exporting, Ocerra will auto-code sub-account(s) on the invoice using information from the PO. It will also link invoice to the original PO for your convenience:

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