• Ocerra offers a functionality that allows cross-checking bank details extracted from the invoice against the details in your ERP system.

How to enabled bank details check in Ocerra

To enable bank details check, you will need to re-import all suppliers in to Ocerra by changing the Last Sync Date.

For this purpose, set the Last Sync Date to a date when your suppliers were added to your system, click "Save" and the click "Sync" on Vendors/Suppliers e.g.:

Note: Please wait until the sync process is completed. You will see a message in the top right corner indicating the number of suppliers that have been updated.

From now on, payment details for a supplier will be automatically imported, either when it is updated in MYOB or when a new supplier is created.

(!) This functionality will start working only for new invoices unless you click the 'save' button on your existing Received invoices.

How does the system flag payment details on the invoices

After importing payment details into Ocerra, you can begin verifying the extracted Bank Account details on the invoice. Under the Bank details tab, you can easily identify the status of bank details for vendor accounts through color-coded highlights.

  • Green: Bank details match the saved information.
  • Red: Bank details do not match the saved information.
  • Black: No bank details are set for the vendor account.

For example:

Bank details extraction exceptions, Ocerra will highlight bank details in red if:

  • There is information in 'Payment details' under the vendor, but Ocerra didn't pick it up from the invoice.
  • There is information in 'Payment details,' but the invoice does not have bank details at all.
  • There is information in 'Payment details,' but the details on the invoice have incorrect formatting.
    • Example:

  • The bank details on the invoice do not match the information in the payment details in Ocerra.
    • E.g. B. Branch is correct, but if B. Account is incorrect, Ocerra will highlight it in red.


TIP: Please note that Ocerra may not pick-up the correct payment details due to differences in layout. For unmatched bank details, you can hover your mouse over the highlighted details, and the system will indicate which details are incorrect or do not match.

(!) To correct or standardise payment details, make adjustments in your accounting system. Updating payment details directly in Ocerra's supplier card won't affect payments as it won't sync back to your system, and payment transactions occur in your system, not in Ocerra.

At the moment, we want to ensure that Ocerra accurately extracts bank details from the invoice. If you notice that it's not picking up the correct details, you can assist the system through Value-based annotation.