Note: In Ocerra, GL Code/GL Account = Tax Account and GST = Tax Rate.

  • Ocerra can auto-fill GL codes on the invoice based on the supplier settings. 
  • If your supplier has GL code assigned in your system, Ocerra will sync it automatically. 
  • You can also set up GL code per supplier in Ocerra, using supplier settings or manually assign it on the invoice, and it will remember it next time. 
  • If any of the suppliers have more than one GL code per invoice, Ocerra will use the default one first and then you will have to manually adjust it from the drop-down menu:

GL codes in Ocerra are pretty smart, even if you have to manually pick it, it will show the latest codes used on this invoice.

GL codes and Item Codes

If you are using Item Codes, Ocerra can identify GL code based on the Item Code. For example, if one of your suppliers have multiple GL codes per line, Ocerra can pick-up the GL code from the Item Code and auto-fill GL codes automatically. 

To clear/change the GL codes:

  • Navigate your mouse cursor on the GL code and click X to clear it, as shown below:

  • If you want to enter a different GL code, start typing and it will pop up. Select it and save. Or use the drop-down list to select the required GL code:

  • If you want to re-align it with a default GL code on the supplier, just clear and click save:

Copy GL Codes: You can use an icon next to the Account name to auto-fill all the lines with the same GL code (if required):