• Learn about currency detection on the invoice

Currency code can be either detected from the invoice using OCR or by defaulting the country code from supplier settings.

By default, Ocerra set to detect currency from your supplier settings (toggle is off). Go to Settings - General in Ocerra:

When Detect Currency toggle is off, Ocerra syncs active country codes from your system to define currency code on the invoice. It is auto-filled using supplier settings. 

For example, this supplier has a default NZ country code, Ocerra matched it with NZD currency code:

Currency detection: toggle is on

When toggle is on, Ocerra will use OCR to define currency from the invoice document. If it is incorrect or missing, you can always update it by clicking on the drop-down menu and picking the right code. 

Always "click" save, Ocerra will remember your choice next time for this invoice layout:

When supplier is not identified on the invoice, Ocerra will use AI to find it from the invoice.