This is a general getting started guide assuming that your accounting or ERP system is already connected with Ocerra. 

Before you get started please view how it works video with Xero or MYOB

1. Forward PDF documents to your Ocerra inbox

2. Review processed documents

  • Go to the Invoices page and you will see a list of all your incoming invoices. All new invoices will appear at the top with the "Received" status:

  • Click on the invoice number to review your document. You will see an original document on the left and data extracted on the right:

Every new invoice from the new supplier will require some manual intervention at the beginning:

  • Supplier matching - you will need to match a supplier with invoice layout. 
  • Invoice annotation - some invoice layouts will require invoice annotation (training). Ocerra has an intelligent, AI-powered data extraction engine. It can be trained to read data correctly. Annotation process is done by our support team during the first two months after going live.

3. Preparing documents for export

  • If you are using approval in Ocerra, you should receive how-to guide for your custom workflow setup.

4. Exporting documents to your system

Depending on your workflow setup, you can export invoices in different statuses to your system. 

  • Go to Export page, select status and select invoice(s) you want to export to your system.
  • Click Export Invoices button

When you are comfortable with Ocerra creating bills for you in your system, you can set up auto-export from any status, e.g. Approved.