• Import files to Ocerra manually from the Invoices list.
  • Upload and Import up to 9 individual PDFs at a time OR
  • Upload and Import a Zip file that do not exceed 20MB.

  • Go to Invoices and click +New Invoice
  • Drag and drop or attached PDF invoices for upload
  • Click Import. You can wait until the import is complete or you can close the window and Ocerra will complete the import process on the background for you.

  • Ocerra processed only PDF invoices. 
  • Documents that contains multiple pages might take a bit longer to import as Ocerra performs data extraction during the import process. Close the import window and continue work as usual in Ocerra. It will complete the import process in the background.
  • Note: Manual upload is not recommended as a regular import of invoices to Ocerra. Please use your unique email address to set up automated forwarding to Ocerra.