• Understanding header level and line level calculations on the invoice and how it works.

Header level calculations

Header level calculations include net (subtotal), total and tax amounts extracted from the invoice summary details. Header level amounts should match line level amounts.

Line level calculations

Line level calculations include Tax Code selected on the line level, other cost, amounts extracted on the line level and whether line level amounts GST exclusive or inclusive. Line level amounts should match header level amounts.

  • If all amounts are matching, Ocerra colour codes the total amount in GREEN. 
  • If any of the amounts on the header or line level aren't matching, Ocerra colour codes unmatched gross amount in RED, so you can quickly review what is missing.

Missing net amount

For example, the most common unmatched scenario is missing net amount from the invoice:

You can use easily add the net amount using our one-click net amount calculator.

When net amount is added, the documents is ready to be processed further. You may also notice, that in the example below, the GST inclusive check box is ticked because we have GST inclusive amount on the line level:

Note: If you have PO invoice, PO amounts are not affecting header and line level calculations. Lear more about PO line matching here.

Header and line level rounding difference

Ocerra won't highlight the amount if rounding difference is less then 2 cents. This will be visible from the main invoice list though. You can still export with rounding difference to your system. You can learn more about rounding difference in this article. 

Wrong tax code selected

Amounts won't match if you have a wrong tax code selected on the line level. Click on the Tax drop-down menu to select the right code. Learn more about Tax code here.

Data is not extracted correctly

Annotate invoice or edit data manually to ensure header level and line level amounts are matching. Ocerra's screen is fully editable.

Invoice lines are Tax inclusive but the GST inc. checkbox is not ticked.

Tick the GST inclusive check box.