Default approval workflow and statuses in Ocerra:

Received –> Submitted –> Approved

In this example, you can see how an invoice moves from “received” to “approved” status in this workflow.

Received status

All invoices arrive in the “Received” status only. While in this status, an “accountant role” should review all the data extracted from the invoice is correct and adjust if necessary. Then, they click the “Submit” button and move to the next invoice.

Submitted status

In this status, invoice should be ready for approval. An “Employee role” will have to log in and review submitted invoices and if happy, click “Approve” button. There is an option to add comments for the “approval”.

  • An “Employee” can set up email notifications to review “submitted” invoices in Ocerra (Settings - General - Notifications).
  • To sort out invoices by status, you have to use Filter Criteria on the Invoices list:

Approved status

Invoices in the “Approved” status can now be exported to your system. It can be done either by the “Employee” or “Accountant” roles.

(!) Depending on your financial system integration, an accountant have to log in and batch export invoices to a financial system.

Note:  If an “Accountant” role has to export invoices after the approval, they have to log in on regular basis, select all "Approved" invoices and export them to your system.

Other statuses

You can add other statuses as you like to the workflow before exporting to your system. For example, you can add “pending” status if you are not ready to submit an invoice for the approval or if you are not ready to approve an invoice. 

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