When your Ocerra account setup is complete you should start asking your suppliers to email invoices to your new dedicated email address @ocerra.com

Learn more about Ocerra inbox here.

Here’s a template that you can use to email your suppliers about your new email address. 

Email subject: Action required - Update to our billing process

Dear Supplier,

We are making efficiency improvements that will help us process your bills in a timely manner. This requires your immediate attention, please.

All you need is to start sending your bills to our new dedicated email address.

From today, please send your bills to a new dedicated email address: yourname@ocerra.com 

Ocerra is our new invoice management software that captures all supplier invoices and helps to sort it out efficiently, including faster approvals and automated data entry into our system. This also means no more missed or lost bills, no more paper and associated costs such as printing and storage, and what is more important, ensuring our valued suppliers are paid on time. 

To avoid any delays, please ensure to send invoices as a PDF attachment. The system will immediately pick it up and show it on our invoice dashboard.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Kind regards,

Accounts Payable Team

Please ensure to insert your unique Ocerra inbox name before sending.