• There is no limit on the number of users you can add to Ocerra. There is no extra costs on setting up and adding new users.
  • When we set up an account for you, we will only invite one user to the system. This user will have the administrative* access to invite and manage all other users that require access to Ocerra.

*Administrative access gives access to all settings and all incoming invoices. It is defined by the "accountant" and "employee" roles that can be later updated or removed.

How to invite and set up a new user

To invite users to Ocerra, you should have an "accountant" or "supervisor" roles in Ocerra. 

1. If you have more than one company in Ocerra, first, select the correct company to invite a new user to.

2. Navigate to Settings - Users on the sidebar menu.

3. Click +Invite User button and add the following details on the Invite User from.

Email - use work email address of the person you would like to invite to Ocerra. 

  • For audit purposes, avoid using shared email addresses such as accounts, office or admin email addresses.

First and Last names - use a real name, avoid using "accounts" or "admin" as a name.

Add roles

  • To set up a user, you will need to add at least one role. 

  • Accountant and Employee are the two most commonly used roles in Ocerra:

    • Accountant Role
      • Access to all the incoming invoices.
      • Permission to edit all the incoming invoices.
      • Access to General Settings.
    • Employee Role
      • Access to only those invoices assigned to the user in the workflow.
      • No access to General Settings.

Find more about roles here. 

In the Role field, start typing a role name, e.g. Accountant or Employee:


4. Click Send invite

  • When you click Send Invite, a user will receive an invitation email from you to join Ocerra.
  • This email will have a system generated password that they can use to access Ocerra.
  • Change password option is available under the account settings.

Changing user email address

For audit purposes, please avoid changing the email address. Instead, set up a new user and deactivate the other one.

Deactivating a user

For data integrity, a user cannot be deleted. However, you should deactivate them instead. 

Please follow the steps in this article on how to deactivate a user in your company in Ocerra.