Invoice exceptions are those invoices that require some manual intervention before they can be posted to your system. It is good to understand when and why this might happen and how to deal with it:

Data that is not on the invoice


Ocerra extracts data that is on the invoice or set per supplier. If some data is missing, e.g. Net/Subtotal amount, you will have to add it manually. The good news is that you don't have to calculate it, Ocerra will do it for you. Simply click on this icon:


Calculate Net / Tax / Total using formula Net + Tax = Total

Same applies to GST and Total. Please note, that for Ocerra to calculate it, the two out of three values (Net, Tax and Total) need to be known. 


Hand-written invoices

For data integrity, we recommend loading hand-written invoices to Ocerra as well. It needs to be converted to PDF first and then manually entered before posting to your system.



Multi-page invoices

The most important data on the invoice is on the 1-2 pages. If you have an invoice with more than 5 pages, Ocerra will present data extracted from these pages only and truncate the rest. For example:



You can download and review the rest of the data in this invoice, and if any information needs to be recorded from the rest of the pages, please enter it manually. 


The current 5-page limit is set to stop Ocerra's OCR engine from extracting all the data to reduce your cost per invoice. In the majority of cases, the most important data is on the first pages of the invoice. However, if this is something unique to your business, please let us know, we may extend it. 


(!) Invoices with multiple pages or images may take longer to process. If it doesn't go through, please contact support, we'll re-try from our end or advise how to process it. 


Rounding accuracy

Supplier calculations might vary. Ocerra will pick up this difference automatically (if it is more than 0.2 cents) and will let you know by highlighting the amount in red. 

You might want to adjust it before exporting to your system, depending on your ERP system, it might not allow you to post at all unless you adjust it accordingly.

Ocerra uses the same calculation system as your ERP or accounting software, and if you post incorrect data, this might cause further issues. Ocerra's job is to prevent it from happening. 


Amounts over 150k

For security reason, all invoice amounts over $150k must be manually entered and checked before posting to your system or routing for approval.


PO number is not on the invoice

If PO exists in your system and it is on the invoice, Ocerra will sync it and match automatically with the invoice. However, if the invoice has no PO number stated, but it is in the system, you will have to select it from the drop-down list manually. If supplier is selected on the invoice, the list of POs is filtered by a selected supplier. 


Multiple totals on the invoice table

A supplier might issue an invoice with two or more subtotal lines on the invoice table. This usually happens for Labour + Material type invoices:

You will have to manually enter any additional lines because Ocerra is built to read only one summary at a time.

For example, Ocerra automatically defined the first table with the first line of $412.50 but there are two more lines with individual subtotals on the invoice table.

Please add a new line for each record individually before posting to your system:

Additional charges outside of the invoice lines or columns

If there are additional charges outside of the invoice lines or columns, it may not be obvious for the AI to pick it up automatically. 

For example, this charge on the invoice is outside of the column and it has no individual line on the invoice table. You will have to manually add a new line in Ocerra to match up the numbers:

Please ensure to set up the correct Tax Rate amount before pushing to your system.