• Invoice exceptions are those invoices that require some manual intervention before they can be posted to your system. It is good to understand when and why this might happen and how to deal with it:


Ocerra extracts data that is on the invoice layout or set per supplier. Sometimes, you may need to adjust it or add data manually before submitting a document for export or further approval. 

Missing Net/Subtotal amount

This is a very classic issue on the supplier invoice. Ocerra offers a net calculator to quickly enter this amount before submitting your invoice for approval or export.

  • Click on the icon next to the Net field and it will be calculated for you:


Missing Tax amount or only total amount is known

For example, if only total amount is known, Ocerra can help you to calculate both net and tax by using reserve tax calculator.

For example, this invoice has only total/gross amount: 

Click on the icon next to the GST field, and select tax code for this invoice. Ocerra will calculate your tax (GST/VAT) amount and net amount for you.

You can learn more about calculating tax amount here.

Deleting unwanted lines

If Ocerra picked up an extra line that is resulting in the incorrect total amount, select this line and click "Save" to delete it:

GST Inclusive invoice lines

Typically, Ocerra will know when invoice lines are GST inclusive and will automatically tick the GST inclusive check box. If this didn't happen, you have to check it manually:

Amounts over 150k

For security reason, all invoice amounts over $150k must be manually entered and checked before posting to your system or submitting for approval.

Missing quantities

If no quantity is found on the invoice, you don't have to manually enter it before submitting your document. Ocerra will use "1" when posting to your system.

If quantities are stated on the invoice lines but Ocerra didn't manage to read, use click-click technique to quickly add it on the invoice level.

Credit notes

If you have a credit note, you will need to "tell" the system that you are processing a credit note. 

Please check how to process credit notes here.

Hand-written invoices

For data integrity, we recommend uploading/forwarding hand-written invoices to Ocerra as well. 

It needs to be converted to PDF first and then manually entered before posting to your system. 



Multi-page invoices

The most important data on the invoice is on the 1-2 pages. If you have an invoice with more than 10 pages, Ocerra will present data extracted from these pages only and truncate the rest. For example:



You can download and review the rest of the data in this invoice, and if any information needs to be recorded from the rest of the pages, please enter it manually. 

Multiple invoices in one document

Use split function to separate multiple documents into individual invoices. 

If you have more than 10 pages in the file, please download the file and use Adobe online tool to split the rest of the files. Then upload it to Ocerra. 


Rounding accuracy

Supplier calculations might vary. Ocerra will pick up this difference automatically and will let you know by highlighting the amount in red, e.g.:

Depending on your system, the export amount may differ. Your system may override what is on the invoice. However, with some systems, like MYOB Advanced, Ocerra will push the total amount that is extracted from the invoice. You have to keep an eye on the exported result. 

Learn more about rounding discrepancy  in this article. 


Multiple totals on the invoice

Ocerra is designed to enter one total/subtotal amount on the extracted screen. If you have multiple totals but no total summary for Ocerra to extract, you will have to enter it manually.


A supplier might issue an invoice with two or more subtotal lines on the invoice table. This usually happens for Labour + Material type invoices:

You will have to manually enter any additional lines because Ocerra is built to read only one summary at a time.

For example, Ocerra automatically defined the first table with the first line of $412.50 but there are two more lines with individual subtotals on the invoice table.

Please add a new line for each record individually before posting to your system:

Additional charges outside of the invoice lines or columns

If there are additional charges outside of the invoice lines or columns, it may not be obvious for the AI to pick it up automatically. 

For example, this charge on the invoice is outside of the column and it has no individual line on the invoice table. You will have to manually add a new line in Ocerra to match up the numbers:

Please ensure to set up the correct Tax Rate amount before pushing to your system.