• Understanding your default invoice workflow and how you should use it.

Ocerra offers a highly configurable approval workflow, however, if you choose to approve invoices outside of our system, you will still have a default workflow for all your incoming documents. 

Your default workflow has three statuses: Received - Submitted - Approved. You don't have to use all these statuses, and in fact, you can export documents in any status from Ocerra to your system.

On the other hand, if you would like to use approval workflow in Ocerra, this is a good starting point to understand how approval works in Ocerra. 

Here's how your default workflow works:

Received Status

All new documents arrive in a Received status automatically, e.g.:

Use this status to filter all the new, unchecked documents in Ocerra. 

Submitted Status

Once it is checked (usually by the AP admin), and they are happy with the data extracted, it is recommended to move a document to the Summitted status by clicking the "Submit" button on the invoice:

This document will move to the Submitted status helping you to filter your documents in Ocerra faster:

You can now use filter to filter to see all the documents you have checked and moved to the Submitted status.

If you are not using approval in Ocerra, you can now export invoices from this Status to your system. 

To export documents in the Submitted status, go to the Export page, filter Submitted status, select invoices that you want to export and click Export Invoices:

Can I edit a submitted document?

Yes, you can edit a document after submitting it if needed. If invoice was already exported, you can still edit it too and re-export it again. Ocerra will update existing document in your system.

To do so, edit submitted document in Ocerra, go to the Export Page, find submitted document and filter Exported = NO and click export again.

Approved status

In this classic-default workflow, anyone with the employee role or supervisor role can approve invoices. Ignore this option if you are not using approval in Ocerra:

Using approval in Ocerra 

If you choose to approve invoices in Ocerra, you can can configure a more sophisticated approval workflow. With different/custom statuses, multiple approver levels and rules. Please contact us directly to discuss this option.