• Learn how MYOB Advanced Purchase Order (PO) is matched on the invoice and processed to your system.

Ocerra syncs PO and Receipt information from MYOB, so you can compare it with a received supplier invoice line by line.

Ocerra syncs the following PO information from MYOB (see image example example below):

  • PO number and supplier name. The supplier name is editable on the Ocerra screen. Ocerra will use the supplier name from the PO, if a supplier name is unidentified on the invoice in the first place. (We import from "On Hold, Open, Complete, Pending Printing" statuses)
  • Accounts: Editable on the Ocerra screen, e.g. PO accrual account.
  • Tax Rate: Editable on the Ocerra screen.
  • Items codes: Editable on the Ocerra screen.
  • Subaccounts: Editable on the Ocerra screen.
  • Branches: Editable on the Ocerra screen.
  • Projects: Editable on the Ocerra screen.
  • Tasks: Editable on the Ocerra screen
  • UOM: Not editable on the Ocerra screen. However, if you have it on the PO line, Ocerra will use it when creating a new bill in MYOB. 
  • Receipts: Not editable on the Ocerra screen. If PO was receipted, Ocerra will show Receipted quantity on the PO line and will create a receipt link when bill is exported to MYOB.
  • Purchase Order line description, quantities and amounts: Not editable in Ocerra but available for you to match with invoice lines in Ocerra.

Example of PO matched invoice in Ocerra

Header level:

  • Ocerra synced PO number: 0000014 and Supplier name: ABC Demo Company.

Line level:

  • Ocerra synced PO accrual account: 1600, Tax Rate: G11NOCAP GST, Sub Account: A-AAA, Project: PR000002, PO Line* and receipted quantity.

*Ocerra has an algorithm that helps you to match PO lines with Invoice lines automatically. If your PO line(s) are different from invoice lines, Ocerra may not match it for you and you have to match it manually. 

Matching PO line with invoice line manually

  • Click on the plus sign to see a PO line under the invoice line.
  • Click on the drop-down icon from the PO line.
  • Select the matching PO line from your PO. Ocerra will sync all the lines available in your system.

Please note: 

  • Account, tax, receipted amount, item code, sub-account and project will be empty or default if PO lines are not matched with invoice lines automatically. 

Your PO line(s) many not match with invoice lines automatically but you can always select corresponding PO line manually:

Exporting PO invoice to MYOB

Information coded on the bill in Ocerra such as account, tax, branch, items codes will be exported with the corresponding PO number and receipt on the line level:

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