• Ocerra can automatically sync projects and tasks from MYOB, this needs to be enabled in your integration settings in Ocerra.

Enabling Projects and Projects Tasks

Please follow the below instructions carefully, it requires enabling Projects first, then clicking "save" before clicking "sync".

  • Navigate to Settings - MYOB Advanced.
  • Click on Settings and first toggle Projects ON and click Save, then click Sync.
    • You need to sync Projects first, and only then sync Project Tasks (if using)
    • Wait until Projects are sync to Ocerra, you will see a pop-up message at the top right corner.
  • Toggle on Project tasks, click Save, and Click Sync.
    • Wait until Projects Tasks are sync to Ocerra, you will see a pop-up message at the top right corner.

After sync process is complete, it will add the required columns to your invoice in Ocerra.

Selecting Project and Task on the line level

On the invoice in Ocerra, you will need to select Project on the line level first and then select Task from the drop-down menu:

Please note, Ocerra will only show available Tasks per Project selected. To select the project, please

  • Click on the drop-down list, or
  • Start typing a project number or name and it will pop up for a selection

API Integration with status support for Project Tasks

Our API integration has received a significant update, now with added support for statuses for project tasks. With this enhancement, Tasks not in an 'Active' status are automatically deactivated, ensuring they are not visible in AP or POs.

PO invoices

If you are matching an invoice with a PO from MYOB, it will automatically bring the project and task (if used) to invoice lines.