• Learn how purchase receipt matching works in Ocerra and how it is processed to your system.
  • Examples using MYOB Advanced integration.

Purchase receipt quantity is synced to Ocerra when created in your system. Example of Purchase Receipt in MYOB Advanced that will be matched with invoice in Ocerra:


Example of the above receipt is matched with the invoice in Ocerra (click on the image to view full size):

If you are happy with it, you can now post it to your system. In MYOB Advanced it will have the link to the receipt:

If the receipted amount doesn't match with PO amount, Ocerra will highlight it for you. For example:

All invoices that require receipt matching, will need to be sorted into the “Receipt required” state, for example. 

There are a number of workflows that you can build in Ocerra, including custom dashboards when working with Purchase Orders and Receipts. Contact support for more details