• In this article learn how to use MYOB Advanced Purchase Receipts in Ocerra

When Purchase Order is receipted and released in MYOB, the Purchase Order line is automatically updated in Ocerra with the Receipted information, for example:

  • The receipted information is not editable in Ocerra, it is used to compare the amounts on the invoice line. If you can't see the PO line and Receipted information, the invoice line needs to be matched to the Purchase Order line manually.

If Purchase Order requires receipt in MYOB and PO line is not not showing receipted information, MYOB won't let you export this invoice for Ocerra. On the export page in Ocerra it will show the following Error:

Example: “Order Line: RO 23P012244, Line Nbr.: 1 not found.” 

In MYOB, Purchase Orders can be done for stock and non-stock items. POs with stock items should always require a Receipt in MYOB. POs with non-stock items can require a receipt as well depending on your setup.

If stock or not stock PO line requires a receipt it will show that Billing is Based on Receipt in MYOB, e.g.:

In this case, a PO line must be receipted and Receipt must be released before exporting invoices from Ocerra.

Receipted information must be imported to Ocerra first and must be seen on the PO line.

PO was receipted in MYOB but receipted information is not imported to Ocerra

(!) MYOB does not allow invoice quantity higher than the total receipted quantity. Please make sure you haven't receipted the PO line already with a different invoice. Ocerra will show the warning message on the export screen, e.g.: 

"The quantity billed is greater than the quantity in the original PO Receipt for this row No:23"

When the invoice is exported to MYOB, Ocerra will show the PO Receipt link for your reference: 

If the receipted quantity doesn't match the bill quantity, Ocerra will highlight it for you. For example:

Please note that the Receipt cannot be selected manually in Ocerra, it shows the latest receipt updated on the PO from your MYOB Advanced system.

If you are looking for a full-three-way match with an option to manually select receipts in Ocerra, please get in touch.