• Learn how to match Purchase Order with invoice and how to treat an invoice if it doesn't match with your order.

Note: Purchase Order creation, editing and updating is fully managed in your ERP system. Ocerra syncs Purchase Order information in a read only format. However, you can update account, tax, project and sub-account if using. 

The purpose of Purchase Order sync is to give you a convenient way and visibility to compare your orders with purchase invoices. 

Learn more about PO coding: Purchase Oder sync between MYOB Advanced and Ocerra.

In this article, we describe the most common purchase order scenarios you will experience while processing invoice via Ocerra. 

Purchase Order is found, lines are matching (quantities and amounts), receipted quantities are matching (quantities and amount). This invoice is ready for export. 

Action to take in Ocerra: Process as usual. 

This is the most desired scenario, and it will look like this in Ocerra:


Purchase Order is Found, lines are matching, but receipt amount is not matching. 

Action to take in Ocerra: 

  • Submit for approval - if you are using approval in Ocerra, and let the PO creator to decide whether they want to approve it or leave in the submitted status while they resolve the issue with the supplier.

  • It is recommended to write an internal note in Ocerra visible to yourself and AP team on why this invoice staying in the submitted or received status. It will also indicate to your AP team that this invoice is not ready for export.


Example invoice in Ocerra when receipted amount is not matching:

Matching PO number with Invoice

The system might need to be trained to pick up the Purchase Oder (PO) on the invoice layout. You will need to show the system how to find the PO number on the invoice layout. PO training doesn’t require annotation, the system will remember where it was picked up by “saving” it. 

Often, the system is smart enough to pick it up without any training. Please use value-based annotation to add train the system to pick up PO number:


If PO number is not matching with the PO number on the invoice

  • Start typing the number of the PO to manually select if from the drop-down list: 

  • If after selecting a PO number on the header level, PO lines didn't show up, click on the +/- icon and select matching PO lines manually:


When PO lines are matched, your PO will auto-fill Account, Sub-account and Projects if used.


Usually, invoice lines and PO lines are GST exclusive. If your invoice lines are GST inclusive, tick the GST inc. check box at the bottom.