New Features & Improvements

Annotation process

Annotate Table button has been changed to Draw Table. It has the same function as Annotate Table button. This is work in progress and we are working on enchanting annotation process in the next month.

Invoice processing

5-page limit has been extended to 10-page limit. Learn more here.

Header level and line level calculations

To hep you understand header and line level calculations a better prompt message has been added next to the Balanced amount at the bottom:

MYOB Advanced integration

Branch configuration and selection has been added to MYOB Advanced integration. Learn how to set up and configure branches here.

Purchase Order sync

Ocerra updates account code with PO accrual account if invoice is matched with PO. Learn about Purchase Order match here.

MYOB API sync issue

Master data sync process is interrupted sometimes due to MYOB API upgrades. We are working on resolving this issue. To troubleshoot, please sync data manually from the Ocerra MYOB Advanced integration page. If data wasn't synced, update Last sync date to a previous month and sync again: