New Features & Improvements

Enhanced annotation process

On the invoice processing page we have updated invoice annotation buttons. 

  • The Table button is the same as Annotate Table/Draw table and has the same functionality as before. *
  • The new Heading button has been added to enhance annotation process. You can learn more about it here.

*Please note that you may still see Annotate Table/Draw Table button names in some articles and help videos, we are working on updating it. Here's how it looks now:

Workflow comments and confirmation pop-up

A confirmation pop up upon moving a document from one status to another has been enhanced.

  • An optional comment field has been added. If you had comments enabled in the workflow before, this comment will be required. Please disable comments in the workflow transitions:  You can learn more here.

Approval Process

Multi-assign option has been added to Ocerra workflow builder. Learn more here.

MYOB Advanced integration

Publishing with empty lines has been fixed

Invoice data extraction may result in picking up some empty lines from some invoice layouts. For example:

No need to clean it up before posting to MYOB. Ocerra will ignore this lines during export, as long as Header level and Line level calculations are balanced.

Publishing to a post period has been enabled

Previously, Ocerra searched for an open period to export a document based on the invoice date. If period of that date was closed in MYOB, it won't be posted unless invoice date is manually updated to the current open period.

We have reviewed the API and updated it to allow publishing to the current post period.

MYOB AccountRight integration

File attachment

File attachment has been added to MYOB AccountRight live integration:

Server-based integration option has been added to AccountRight