• Learn how Purchase Order (PO) is matched on the invoice and processed to your system.

Ocerra syncs PO information from MYOB Advanced. This information cannot be edited in Ocerra. 

The purpose of PO information in Ocerra is to help you:

  • See if there is a difference between PO and Invoice in Ocerra before exporting invoice to your system for payment.
  • Auto-code information that is already created with PO in your system.

Purchase Order matching in Ocerra

When PO is matched on the invoice, you can see if PO lines are matching with invoice lines. 

For example:

Purchase Order information

Ocerra syncs all the key PO information from your system:

  • Accounts (visible on the Ocerra screen)
  • Items codes (visible on the Ocerra screen) 
  • Subaccounts (visible on the Ocerra screen) 
  • Projects (visible on the Ocerra screen) 
  • Tasks (not visible on the Ocerra screen but coded when bill is created in MYOB) 
  • Units of measure (not visible on the Ocerra screen but coded when bill is created in MYOB) 
  • Receipted quantities (visible on the Ocerra screen) 
  • Supplier name (visible on the Ocerra screen) 

Purchase Order Accounts

By default, Ocerra auto-fills accounts (expense account) on the line level from your supplier settings. 

If you match Invoice with Purchase Order in Ocerra, a default expense account should change to the PO Accrual account.


Ensure that Use PO Line Account is enabled in Ocerra MYOB Advanced Integration settings. If it is not enabled, Ocerra will keep posting default supplier accounts.

Exporting PO invoice to MYOB Advanced

When PO invoice is exported to MYOB Advanced, Ocerra will create a link to your Purchase Order in MYOB Advanced. For example: