• Understanding rounding discrepancy in Ocerra and how it works when exporting bills to your system.

Ocerra helps you to view if there is a rounding discrepancy in the Net or Tax amounts on the invoice. 

When you open your Invoice list in Ocerra, you will see the Amount column - this column show the Total amount of the invoice, e.g.: 

If something is not matching on the data extraction screen, Ocerra will highlight this amount for you as shown above.

For example, let's view this invoice with $660.48 total amount:


When you open this invoice, you will need to see if there is a rounding difference.

At the bottom of each invoice document page, there is a NET amount calculated by summing up extracted amounts on the line level:

Hover your mouse over this amount and see Expecting value matches:

  • Top line shows amounts extracted from the invoice and shown on the header level of the document.
  • Bottom line shows amounts extracted and calculated from the line level of the invoice.

Exporting this bill to MYOB Advanced

If you create this bill manually in MYOB, it will give you the $660.49 in total. 

We set Ocerra to override this calculation and push invoice with the "correct" extracted total amount of $660.48 in total. Please note that the difference is still visible on the net amount, however, it should not be an issue: 

Because this difference is less then a few cents, Ocerra ignores it and shows the calculated amount in green when open you open this document in Ocerra:

However, if the difference exceeds a few cents, both amounts on the invoice list and in Ocerra, will be shown in red.

You can still export this document to your system. For example:


Exporting bills with rounding difference to other systems

While Ocerra extracts exactly what is on the invoice, you have to keep an eye on the rounding difference when exporting to your system.

Depending on your ERP settings, your system may override what is exported from Ocerra. Technically, your system might re-calculate exported document from Ocerra the same way as you would enter it manually.