Note: In Ocerra, Vendor = Supplier. View a full list of terms here

Default supplier settings in your ERP are very important for automated data extraction in Ocerra. 

Before syncing the two systems, we'll ask you to add the following default settings per supplier:

  • Default GL Code
  • Default Tax Rate
  • Default Currency
  • Payment terms

Ocerra will automatically sync supplier information from your system, the sync works every 20-minutes. 

When Ocerra performs data extraction, first it "looks" at the actual PDF invoice. If currency, due date or payment are missing from the invoice, the system will "look" at the Supplier settings to pick it up. 

  • You can view or edit supplier information in Ocerra, go to Settings - Vendors:

(!) Please note, this information will be used only in Ocerra. Any supplier edits in Ocerra won't sync back to your system. For example, if you would like to update the GL code or create a new vendor, you have to do in your system. 

You can have all vendor information in Ocerra, as it will use it to validate supplier invoices. We recommend that you have this information per supplier:

TAX NUMBER - is a GST/VAT number. It is good to have to ensure that the invoice is legitimate. For example, if the GST number on the invoice is different from the default GST number or if it is missing from the invoice, Ocerra will flag this invoice as "Fail" (if your GST/VAT match validation rule is ON). 

To learn more about Validation Rules in Ocerra, refer to this article. 

Note: Ocerra won't populate the missing or incorrect GST/VAT number for the data extraction from the vendor settings. 

COUNTRY CODE - we use it to define currency on the invoice. If it is not obvious or missing from the document, it will populate it from the default vendor settings. 

GL CODES- Ocerra will pick up the default GL code from the supplier settings, and if supplier is identified on the invoice, it will automatically extract it for you.

To learn more about GL codes in Ocerra, read this article. 

TAX RATES- Ocerra will pick up the default tax rate from the supplier settings, and if supplier is identified on the invoice, it will automatically extract it for you. Learn more about Tax Rates in Ocerra here. 

PAYMENT TERMS & PAYMENT TERMS DAYS - if a due date or terms are not shown on the invoice, Ocerra will pick it up and calculate for you from the vendor settings. 

IS ACTIVE FLAG - this flag is very important, when you make a supplier inactive and they send you an invoice, you will see that they won't be automatically recognized in Ocerra, so you can now double-check if the invoice is valid. 

You won't be able to select "inactive" vendor on the invoice, unless you re-activate it again.

How to activate inactive supplier?

To activate inactive vendors, you have to use the following Filter criteria:

  • Is Active = No

  • Now, you can pick a supplier that you want to re-activate and toggle Is Active On again.