• Learn how and when to use the heading-level annotation.

A table on your invoice document consists of a heading, columns and lines. The heading-level annotation helps the system to identify each each header correctly: description, quantity and amount header.

The system will try to define the table automatically, sometimes, we need to train the system to show where the table, lines and heading is on the document. 

Before using the heading-level, try using a table-based annotation first.

Heading-level annotation can be used when the table-level annotation didn't pick up header level information in the first place. 

Annotating using Heading function

  • Click the "Heading" button, and draw the frame around the heading only using the same method as in table-based annotation. Heading-level frame is orange in color to help differentiate between different annotation frames.
  • Click the "Table" button to correct the table if needed.
  • Click "Annotate" button but do not close the annotation window.