• Workflow comments and confirmation pop up explained
  • Set up comments as required for an user to move document from one status to another

Confirmation pop up and workflow comments explained

By default, when moving a document from one status to another, e.g. from Received to Submitted or Submitted to Approved, Ocerra shows a confirmation pop up. For example:


This comment field is optional, and you can skip adding a comment by clicking "Confirm". 

If you would like to make this comment required, you have to enable comment check box in the workflow builder.

  • Go to Settings - Workflow - Select the workflow you would like to edit and enable comments if you would like to make them required:

In the example above, a comment will be required when moving invoices from the Received to Submitted and from Submitted to Approved statuses. 

You will see an *asterisk next to the comment:

A user must leave comment before moving an invoice to the approved status.

Workflow comments are visible under the “Workflow” log on the document. If you open it up, you will see a workflow name, and the record of steps, including comments:

Enable workflow comments on the Invoices Page

  • Go to Settings - General - Enable Workflow Comments:

When enabled, the workflow comments columns will be visible on the Invoice page too:

Important for MYOB Advanced

The last comment on the document will be visible in MYOB Advanced description field when the bill is exported:

To learn more about approval workflow setup, please refer to this article.