• How supplier match works.
  • Learn how to add and match supplier with invoice layout.
  • Learn why invoice supplier is not identified even if it was matched before and what to do about it. 

Supplier information is synced from your system to Ocerra. If you have a supplier in your system, you will be able to select and match it with the invoice in Ocerra. It is smart and will remember your selection next time.

  • Click on the Supplier field and start typing a supplier name.
  • When the right one shows up from the list, click on it and save.

Ocerra doesn't read supplier name from the invoice using OCR. Instead, it is trained to remember it by matching a supplier name from your system with the invoice layout. See above. 

  • A supplier match works per invoice layout and a supplier might have more than one invoice layout. Often this layout is not visible to a human eye but for Ocerra it is a new invoice that needs to be matched.
  • Usually, in about two or three months, most of the invoice layouts for your repeating suppliers will be matched.

A supplier is not picked-up by the system after matching

If a supplier invoice was trained, but the next time you receive an invoice from this supplier but the name field is blank, there are a few reasons for that: 

  • The most common use case that we already discussed above is a different invoice layout. A supplier might have a few invoice layout variations generated by their accounting software. This is normal, however, often it is not visible to a human eye. But Ocerra will pick up the difference and leave a supplier field blank. If it is a legitimate invoice, select a supplier name and match it with this invoice layout. Ocerra will remember this new invoice layout next time.

  • A Tax Number is different. We use it to validate supplier name and if it is not matching with a previous layout but the name is the same, it might be a suspicious invoice. Ensure that this invoice is from the legitimate supplier.
  • Often a credit note layout is different from the tax invoice layout. When matched it will remember the layout next time.

  • A scanned invoice might confuse the system, and it might read it as a new invoice layout. We recommend avoiding scanned copies and importing only original PDF documents.

  • A supplier does not exist in your system. Please create it in your ERP or accounting software, Ocerra will sync it, and you will be able to select and match it on the invoice.

  • A supplier has changed their ERP or accounting system; as a result, their invoice layout has changed. It needs to be matched again, and usually, this is a very rare event.