• Learn about invoice statements in Ocerra and how to handle them in the system. 

Ocerra brings all the PDF attachments from the Inbox to the Invoices List. For a Statement there is an option to Save it As Statement when you open it up from the Invoices List:

(!) We recommend adding a supplier to a statement before saving it as statement.

Next time Ocerra will learn that this is a statement from this supplier and will automatically save it as statement to the statement folder.

Statements document storage

The key purpose of saving statements is to ensure your main invoice list isn't cluttered and you have a storage for your statement that you can use to download and review your statement in more detail. 

Train Ocerra to detect statements automatically

  • Open Statement in the invoice tab and click Save As Statement.
  • Ocerra will ask you "Are you sure you want to save this Invoice as Statement?" Click OK.