• Ocerra automatically syncs suppliers from your accounting system.
  • A supplier name has to be matched with the invoice layout for the first time.
  • Ocerra remembers a supplier name match with the invoice layout the next time.

Getting supplier list into Ocerra

Supplier information is synced from your system to Ocerra automatically. A supplier needs to be created in your system first before it can be added and matched with the invoice layout in Ocerra.

Note: a supplier can be created in Ocerra with Xero integration.

Adding a supplier name on the invoice layout

  • Click on the Supplier field and start typing a supplier name.
  • When the right one shows up from the list, click on it and save.

Ocerra is smart and will remember your supplier name selection for this invoice layout the next time. 

Tip: Use Tax Number to help Ocerra match invoice with the supplier name for the first time.

Troubleshooting supplier matching

A supplier name is not identified after it was matched with the invoice layout. This can happen for a number of reasons. 

A supplier match works per invoice layout, hence, if there is a difference to an invoice layout a supplier name may not be matched.


Often, a difference in the supplier invoice layout may not be visible to a human eye. Ensure that that you have a legitimate invoice before matching it up with a supplier name from your system.

  • A credit note and statement layout is different from the tax invoice layout. You will need to match it up separately for Ocerra to remember it next time.

  • A scanned invoicoften has differences in the layout. We recommend avoiding scanned copies and importing only original PDF documents to Ocerra

  • A supplier does not exist in your system. Please create it in your system, Ocerra will sync it for you and you will be able to select and match it on the invoice.

  • A supplier has changed their accounting system; as a result, their invoice layout has changed. It needs to be matched again, and usually, this is a very rare event.

(!) You can track missing supplier invoices. When you view your list of invoices, any missing supplier invoices will be highlighted in red 'Not Matched'. Additionally, when you click on the details of an invoice, you'll see a 'No Supplier Match' red colour in the supplier field.

Please note, when you hover over your mouse to 'Not Matched', the system will tell you why it was highlighted. 


The supplier name is not picked up by annotation by design. Please type in the name in the supplier field. This way, you will match a supplier that already exists in the system with the specific invoice layout. This is part of the validation process and ensures that the correct supplier is matched to the correct invoice layout. When the layout is the same next time, Ocerra will remember the match, and it won't require manual matching.

If the matching does not occur automatically, it usually means that the layout is different, or the supplier might have multiple layouts. In such cases, you need to repeat the matching process until all layouts for this supplier are matched.