• Learn about the General settings page and its control parameters.

This page in Ocerra keeps general information about your company as well as general set-up parameters like your Time Zone for email notifications.

Note, if you have more than one company/entity in Ocerra, each of them will have its own settings:

It is important to click "Save" when you make a change on this page.

General Page Items

Name: You can change the name of the company here to display at the left top corner in Ocerra. 

Description: If you have multiple companies, you may want to give them a description. We usually enter your plan details here when we create a company for you in Ocerra.

Payment Day: this is the invoice payment date. Usually, it is 20’s of the following month. This date is used on the AP dashboard to show data, e.g. amount due on this day. Anything that hasn’t been paid in the previous months will be accumulated - shown on the Ocerra dashboard.  

Time Zone: This is a time zone that will be used for user notifications. Please make sure it is correct.

Domain: your company’s email domain, e.g. abc.com

Tax Number: Please enter your company's GST/ABN number here, Ocerra will use it to exclude from data extraction when the supplier includes both tax numbers on the invoice. 

Financial System: Your financial system.

Control parameters

Please make sure you know what each parameter does before enabling or disabling it for your company. 

Here's the control parameters you will see on your General Settings page:


Accounts - when enabled, an Account colum is added to your invoice data extraction page. Accounts are synced from your system so you can update it or select it on the line level.

Tax Codes

Tax Codes - when enabled, a Tax colum is added to your invoice data extraction page. Tax Codes are synced from your system so you can update or select it on the line level.

Items (Stock and Non-Stock)

Items - when enabled, an Item column is added to your invoice data extraction page. Item are synced from your system including stock and non-stock inventory codes so you can add it to the invoice.

Learn more here.

Workflow comments

When enabled, a Comment column will be added to your Invoice List in Ocerra. This will allow you to see approval comments at a glance

Detect Currency

When enabled, Ocerra will look to define the currency from the invoice layout.

Can Add Supplier (Currently available for Xero only)

When enabled, it will allow you to create a new supplier on the invoice in Ocerra, and when the invoice is exported, it will create a new supplier in Xero for you.

Calculate Due Date

Ocerra gives priority to checking and extracting the due date from the Invoice layout, if not detected, it will calculate it based on the Invoice date. If parameter is enabled, it will check Supplier Terms and will calculate it for you.

Learn more here. 

Export Workflow Log

When enabled, your workflow/approval log will be exported as an attachment to your system for each invoice. A workflow log is a history of how, when and by who the document was changed and approved.

Learn more about workflow log parameter here.

Can Edit on Approval

The approval page is read-only by default; if you would like to give approvers an option to edit invoices on the approval page, you can enable this parameter. It will switch the approval layout to the invoice layout that allows full editing. Please note that the full invoice layout is not compatible if Ocerra is accessed via a mobile device.

Decimal Precision

Digits after decimal points on quantity. It should be between 1 an 4.

Dashboard Widgets

Control what widgets are visible on the dashboard. Learn more here.