There are two types of user email notifications in Ocerra:

  • For incoming invoice
  • For approval 

For incoming invoices

This type of email notification will help you to check and process new invoices in Ocerra on a regular basis. If you are submitting invoices for approval from a received status, we'd highly recommend to set this up.

You can pick the day(s) of the week and time when you would like receiving email notification(s) for all your incoming invoices in Ocerra. 

  • Go to SettingsGeneraNotifications
  • Pick time, days of the week and click Save

On this day(s) and time Ocerra will email you a list of all the incoming invoice documents. For example:

You can click on any of the invoices in your email, it will take you to Ocerra invoice processing screen. 

We only send this email once, in the future we'll add reminders for any unprocessed invoices. 

For approval 

This type of email notification is useful for approvers. If you are an approver, you will receive an email notification when invoices moved to the submitted status. 

Please note

If you have a two-step approval process, the first approver will have to log in to the Ocerra's Approval page. Ocerra will only show you invoices that you can approve.

(!) Time zone

Please ensure that you have the time zone correct in your account settings. You can check it in Settings – General – Time Zone.