Data widgets on the default dashboard can be hidden in Ocerra. 

There are five widgets:

  • Quick Stat
  • Invoices by Month
  • Recent Documents*
  • Approval Notes
  • Amount Per Supplier

All these widgets are visible to all users in Ocerra including approvers: 

However, you can hide/remove widgets from this dashboard. Please note you will need at least one widget as the dashboard cannot be blank. 

Hiding or adding dashboards widgets

  • Navigate to Settings - General - Widgets
  • By default your Widget textbox is empty meaning that you have all widgets enabled

Add widgets that you would like to display on the dashboard, e.g.:

Here's what it is going to look like with two widgets added only:

Use the following widget names to add them to the textbook using comma to separate them:

  • Quick Stat, Invoices by Month, Recent Documents, Approval Notes, Amount Per Supplier

*Recent documents are only showing documents that a user can approve. This widget is Ok to be seen by approvers.