This page gives you an overview of your companies' account setup and allows to configure core functionalities in Ocerra. This article explains the Genera tab:

Name: You can change the name of the company to display at the left top corner in Ocerra. 

Description: If you have multiple companies, you may want to give it a description.

Payment Day: this is the invoice payment date. Usually, it is 20’s of the following month. This date is used on the AP dashboard to show data, e.g. amount due to this day. If anything hasn’t been paid in the previous months, it will be accumulated - shown on the Ocerra dashboard.  

Time Zone: this is a time zone will be used for user notifications.

Domain: your companies’ email domain, e.g.

Tax Number: Please enter your companies GST (tax) number, Ocerra will use it to exclude from data extraction when the supplier includes both tax number on the invoice. 

Financial System: Your financial system

Accounts, Tax Codes and Items

When toggled on, these columns will be shown on the invoice data extraction page:

Learn more about Accounts (GL Codes) here.

Learn more about Tax Rates here.