You can export in any status, depending on your financial system.

  • Go to Export tab on the menu
  • Filter “Approved” invoices and click “Apply” (or any other status you are using for export).
  • Select invoices you want to export or click “Select all”
  • Click “Export invoices”

You can add as many steps as you like to the workflow before exporting invoices to your system. For example, you can add “delay” step if you are not ready to submit an invoice for the approval or if you are not ready to approve an invoice. 

Read this article about how to setup approval workflow. 

Auto-approval and auto-export

Depending on your integration, invoices from the approved or another status can be automatically exported to your system. Without the need for an “accountant” or “employee” to export invoices from the Export tab. However, if you want to control the export process of invoices from Ocerra – you should be manually exporting invoices as shown above.