• Bills and credit notes can be auto-exported. In this article you will learn how to manually export bills to MYOB Advanced. We recommend to manually export when you are just starting with Ocerra to ensure you are comfortable with this process. 

Every new setup has a default workflow for your invoices: Received-Submitted-Approved. If you are not using approval in Ocerra, you don't need to "approve". In fact, you can export invoices in any status.

All new invoices will arrive in the "Received" status, this way you can quickly sort it out and check before exporting to your system. For example:

We recommend "Submitting" each invoice after you have reviewed it and happy with all the data extraction. This way, you can quickly sort out all the invoices that are ready for export by filtering all "submitted" invoices. 

(!) Please ensure a bill has all the information before exporting to MYOB. E.g. Supplier name, Account codes and header and line level information is matching. Also, you will be prompted to add it before exporting. 

When bills are ready for export:

  • Go to the Export folder in Ocerra
  • Select Status, e.g. Submitted
  • Select bills/invoices that you would like to export. You can select all or one by one. 
  • Click Export Invoices button

After clicking "Export Invoices", Ocerra will automatically create a new bill(s) in MYOB Advanced, including all the key information presented in the original document. 

To check new bills or debit adjustments in MYOB: 

  • Go to Payables - Bills and Adjustments. For example:

All Ocerra invoices will be created with the original PDF attachment. 

A "description" line in the MYOB bills list will show the first line from the invoice, or you can add a custom comment while submitting invoice in Ocerra. This comment is optional and set in the Workflow - Transitions. 

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