• Export individual bills to MYOB AccountRight
  • Bulk export multiple bills to MYOB AccountRight
  • Update exported bills and re-export to MYOB AccountRight

Ocerra is connected with MYOB via API, this allows instant export of AP bills from one system to another. 

Exporting bills to MYOB

  • Go to Export page
  • Filter document by status
  • Select documents that you would like to export (either individual or select all)
  • Click Export button


MYOB API Limitations: 

Export Invoices button may not show up in Ocerra if MYOB is updating their system or their API is being overused. This may also affect the bulk export. If this happens, please wait and try again later.

We recommend reviewing and exporting invoices from Ocerra regularly so they do not pile up for bulk export.

Document status

You can export documents from any status. You should at least "submit' documents to confirm that you are happy with data extraction, and you have checked the document before posting to MYOB.

If you are using approval workflow in Ocerra, invoices should be exported in the "approved" status or any other status you have internally agreed on.

By default, the Export Page is set with "Approved" status:

If you are exporting from a different status, select the correct status first.

  • It takes seconds for your bills to appear in MYOB
  • Go to Purchases - Open bills:

  • In the comment: you should see that invoice was processed via Ocerra and the status of the documents it was exported in.
  • Ocerra attaches the original file during export as well.


Invoices can be auto-exported from Ocerra to MYOB from a specified status. This is added upon request (no extra cost).

We recommend to manually export document during the first month. This way you can get comfortable with new AP process before it can be fully automated.