When your invoices are ready for the export to Xero,

  • Go to Export tab in Ocerra
  • Select invoices that you would like to export
  • Click Export Invoices button

Please note, if you don’t see “Export Invoices” button, click to reconnect for another 30 minutes.

It takes seconds for your bills to appear in Xero. Go to Business – Bills to Pay.

If you have exported your invoices with the “Approved” status, they will appear in the “Awaiting Payment” folder. Unapproved invoices will go to the “Awaiting Approval” folder.

Ocerra will automatically create new bills in Xero including all the key information presented in the original document. Here’s an example:

The original document will be attached for your reference in Xero.

On the bills created and exported by Ocerra you will see “Go to Ocerra” button. It will instantly take you to the invoice in Ocerra and you can quickly verify all the information if necessary.

For general usage instructions, please follow Ocerra Getting Started Guide