In Ocerra, roles are used to define who can move invoice from one status to another. 

There are five pre-defined roles in Ocerra:

  • Employee 
  • Clerk
  • Accountant
  • Analyst
  • Supervisor

Please note: 

  • These role names are pre-defined in the system and cannot be changed.
  • Different roles have access to different screens in Ocerra. View role matrix:  

(!) When we set up an account for you, we assign users Employee and Accountant roles. When you decide who has what role in your company, you can change these settings.

Changing roles

  • Go to Settings – Users – click on the email address of the user –Roles:
  • Delete or add a new roles*
  • Click save

Invite new users/approves

To invite new users for the approval process: Follow these instructions. 

Example scenario:

Someone with Accountant role can submit invoices from the “received” status and someone with Employee role can approve invoices from the “submitted” status. 

This is a classic workflow scenario, we set it up for already with your Ocerra account. Read more about it here. 

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