To invite new users to Ocerra, you should have an "accountant" or "supervisor" role. 

In Ocerra, select the company you would like to invite new users to. E.g.:

Then navigate to

  • Settings Users on the menu
  • Click +Invite User button

A pop-up form will be shown, e.g.:

  • Add work Email address, first and last name
  • Add roles:

Please add at least one role. To add roles, start typing a role name, e.g. Accountant or Employee

  • Accountant Role
    • Access to all invoices in the Invoices Page
    • Permission to edit all invoices
    • Access to general settings
  • Employee Role (best for approvers)
    • Access to assigned invoices only in the Approval Page
    • No access to general settings
  • Send invite. They will receive an invitation email from you to join Ocerra.

Find more about roles here. 

Deactivating a user from your company in Ocerra

For data integrity, we do not allow removing users entirely from the system as it will remove the record of user actions. Please follow steps in this article on how to deactivate a user in your company in Ocerra.