To invite your team members to Ocerra - 

  • Go to Settings Users and click +Invite User button. A pop-up form will be shown:

  • Fill up the form with your team member details.
  • ROLES: You can give one or more roles to each new user. Learn more about roles here. 
    • To add roles, start typing a role name, e.g. Accountant or Employee.
  • Send invite. They will receive an invitation email from you to join Ocerra.
  • There is no limit on how many people you can invite to Ocerra.  

Please note: roles define who sees what in Ocerra. By default, we assign an "employee" and "accountant" roles to AP admins, so they have access to all invoices. "Employee" role is assigned to approvers, so they can only approve invoices that assigned to them without access to all the invoices in the company.

Removing users from Ocerra

For data integrity, we do not allow removing users entirely from the system as it will remove the record of user actions. We can deactivate them for you, so they won't have access anymore. This way, you can still track who was processing invoices in the past.