To invite new users to Ocerra, you should have an "accountant" or "supervisor" role. 

In Ocerra, select the company you would like to invite new users to. E.g.:

Then navigate to

  • Settings Users on the menu
  • Click +Invite User button

A pop-up form will be shown, e.g.:

  • Add work Email address, first and last name
  • Add roles:

Please add at least one role. To add roles, start typing a role name, e.g. Accountant or Employee

  • Accountant Role
    • Access to all invoices on the Invoices Page
    • Permission to edit all invoices
    • Access to general settings
  • Employee Role (best for approvers)
    • Access to assigned invoices only on the Approval Page
    • No access to general settings
  • Send invite. They will receive an invitation email from you to join Ocerra.

Find more about roles here. 

Deactivating user

For data integrity, a user cannot be deleted. However, you should deactivate them instead. Please follow the steps in this article on how to deactivate a user in your company in Ocerra.