• This functionality assists in checking that the invoice is matched with the correct supplier and aligns with tax regulations. It compares the extracted Tax Number from the invoice with a Tax Number recorded for this supplier in your system.

Note: If you don't have the tax number recorded in your system but enable this functionality, Ocerra will add the extracted tax number to the supplier details in Ocerra (but won't sync it back to your system) but next time it will be checking it against the details saved in Ocerra. 

How the validation works

Ocerra extracts Tax Number including ABN, GST and VAT from the supplier's invoice. It also syncs Tax Number along with a supplier information from your system. When you enable supplier validation parameter in Ocerra, it will check if extracted Tax Number from the invoice is matching with supplier's Tax Number from your system. If it is not found or not matching it will flag it.

How to enable it

In Ocerra, Navigate to Setting - General - and enable Has GST/VAT parameter and click Save.

How it works when enabled

When it is matching

Supplier's Tax Number from your system is matching with the Tax Number extracted from the Invoice. In this case, a Tax Number will be flagged as Green.

When it is not matching

If it does not match or not found on the supplier card, it will flag it Red so you can review it.

When Tax Number is not found on supplier details and not extracted from the invoice, it won't flag but if you hover the mouse over it, you will see why. 

Where to find supplier details in Ocerra

A Tax Number synced from your system to Ocerra can be found by navigating to Vendors - selecting the Vendor name and clicking the Vendor details and checking the Tax Number.

(!) Data Extraction check

Tax Number may not be extracted first time or extracted correctly, please train it using click through annotation technique. Please watch video tutorial here. If you were unable to train it and it is critical for this supplier, please send us a URL link of the invoice and will train it for you.

(!) NOTE

If a Tax Number is not added to your supplier in your system but extracted by Ocerra on the invoice, it will automatically add it to your supplier's card in Ocerra. Ocerra will use it to validate supplier name on the invoice. However, it won't sync back to your system. You should rely on your internal processes of adding the correct Tax Number in your system. If you add Tax Number in your system, it will be then updated automatically in Ocerra.