Note: Vendor = Supplier.

In this article: how new suppliers are created, edited and deactivated.


  • Suppliers and updated supplier information is imported from your system to Ocerra automatically.*
  • New suppliers must be created in your system except if you are using Xero integration.
  • A supplier information can be edited in Ocerra to use as default settings on the invoice. 
    • Note, updated information on supplier in Ocerra won't update your supplier info in your system.
  • If a supplier is deactivated or deleted in your system, it needs to be deactivated in Ocerra too.

*Ocerra imports data in 20-min intervals or you can sync it manually straightway. 

Edit a supplier information

In Ocerra, navigate to Vendor list, click on the Vendor name that you would like to edit, for example:

This information is imported from your system, unless you have updated it.

Deactivating supplier

  • Note: Ocerra doesn't sync Inactive, Closed or On Hold supplier status but it will let you know if you are trying to export invoice matched with this supplier.
  • To deactivate a supplier, toggle the InActive flag and click Save.

Default supplier settings

To save time, we suggest adding the following default settings per supplier:

  • Default GL Code/Expense Account
  • Default Tax Rate
  • Default Currency
  • Payment terms

These default settings will be used on the invoice data extraction screen but you can always override them.

General Info

NAME - Supplier Name

TAX NUMBER - e.g. ABN Number. is a GST number. Is used to check if supplier's tax number from your system is matching supplier's tax number extracted from the invoice. If you would like Ocerra to flag this for you, please enable Tax Validation in General Settings.

COUNTRY CODE - we use it to define currency on the invoice. If it is not obvious or missing from the document, it will populate it from the default vendor settings. 

GL CODES - Ocerra will pick up the default GL code from the supplier settings, and if supplier is identified on the invoice, it will automatically populate it on the line level of the invoice. Therefore, we suggest setting up default account for each supplier. If it is different on some invoice lines, you can always update it right on the invoice.

To learn more about GL codes in Ocerra, read this article. 

TAX RATES- Ocerra will pick up the default tax rate from the supplier settings, and if supplier is identified on the invoice, it will automatically populate it for you. Learn more about Tax Rates in Ocerra here. 

PAYMENT TERMS & PAYMENT TERMS DAYS - if a due date or terms are not shown on the invoice, Ocerra will pick it up and calculate it on the invoice.

IS ACTIVE FLAG - is used to keep supplier active or inactive, if it is made inactive, it won't be available on the drop-down list or Vendor list in Ocerra.

To activate inactive vendors, you have to use the following Filter criteria:

  • Is Active = No

  • Now, you can pick a supplier that you want to re-activate and toggle Is Active On again.

Payment Details

Ocerra imports supplier's payment details such as Branch (BSB) and Account Number to help you verify if these details are matching with the extracted bank account details on the invoice.

To learn more about bank details verification assistance, check this article: