When we create an account for your company, we create a unique email address, e.g. [yourcompanyname@ocerra.com]


There are a few options of how you can use it:

  • You can give this email address to your suppliers to send invoices to your company.
  • You can set up auto-forward from your current AP inbox. 


You can find your invoice email address under the Inbox folder on the main menu. 

It is a preferred method of importing invoices to Ocerra:

  • It is faster. When invoices arrive in Ocerra's inbox, Ocerra performs data extraction. You will then receive a notification when invoices are ready for review, versus manual upload, where you have to wait for each invoice to upload.
  • It is safer. Ocerra uses "The From" address to validate your suppliers. 
  • It is fully controllable. You will see the original message and files attached.

All the attached PDF files will be seen here and as soon as it is processed, you can open it from the inbox folder or view from the Invoice folder/list.

(!) There is a limit of 30 PDF attachments per email.


If the invoice was archived after it was reviewed in Ocerra, you can still open it from the inbox in the archived folder.

If you would like to change this email address, please get in touch with us.