• In Ocerra, each company is assigned a unique email address, which serves as a dedicated inbox for capturing invoices. For example, [yourcompanyname@ocerra.com]
  • This email address is not intended for regular correspondence and is a "no-reply" address to ensure that supplier emails are seamlessly flowing to Ocerra inbox.
  • You can find your Ocerra email address under the Inbox folder on the main menu.

To locate your unique email address, select a company (if you have more than one) and click on the Inbox folder on the Ocerra menu. For example:

  • By forwarding emails with PDF attachments to this address, Ocerra will extract the PDF and feed it through the Invoices list for you to process.
  • Ocerra only extracts data from PDF attachments. However, Word, Excel and Jpeg attachments can be opened and downloaded using Ocerra inbox.
  • If email does not have an attachment, it will go through without an attachment. An email with at attachment has an attachment icon next to it:

Note: If you wish to delete emails, no need to clean the inbox, the filter shows emails only from the last week.

Automating invoice capture

To fully leverage the benefits of your unique Ocerra address, please consider setting up automatic forwarding from your existing email address or provide suppliers with your new Ocerra address. 

Setting up automatic forwarding

Setting up email-forwarding may vary slightly depending on your email provider. To assist you in the process, we have provided guides for popular email providers below, which will walk you through the steps specific to each provider:

Introduce Ocerra address to your suppliers

You can provide Ocerra email address directly to your suppliers or can use it with some suppliers only, and for others set up automatic forwarding.

Please note that this option will bypass your payables inbox, however, you can still view the content of the email via Inbox or by clicking the Email tab on the Invoice, e.g.:


Using email address instead of manual upload keeps track of how and when invoice arrived to the system. It allows seeing the original message and any supporting documents.

(!) Please note, there is a limit of 30 PDF attachments per email.