• Ocerra is designed to streamline your invoicing process by automatically extracting invoice numbers. This guide will provide you with instructions on what to do if the invoice number is not auto-extracted, important notes on manual entry, and steps to handle suffix invoices.

Auto-Extraction of Invoice Numbers

In most cases, Ocerra automatically extracts the invoice number from your documents (PDF) once they are received in Ocerra.

Handling Missing Auto-Extraction

If the invoice number is not auto-extracted, instead of manually entering the invoice number, use the click-click method to annotate the value. This ensures that the system learns to pick up the correct data in the future. 

Handling Suffix Invoices:

For invoices with suffixes (e.g., PI-12345A), Ocerra should normally pick up the entire invoice number, including the suffix. If Ocerra does not automatically capture the suffix, please log a support ticket with our team so we can check and fix it for you.

(!) Important note on manual entry: 

Do not manually enter the invoice number if the annotation fails. Manually entering the invoice number can signal to the system that it should not attempt to auto-extract this value in the future, disrupting the learning process.