• Learn how to annotate numbers and dates on the invoice.
  • Apply value-based "click-click" technic on the line level.

This type of annotation is usually required at the header level of the invoice. For example, if you have an invoice number or net amount missing or incorrect.

Value-based annotate can be used to train invoice number, invoice date, due date (terms), purchase order number, net, total, GST, tax number and credit note number.

  • To start this annotation process, click on the incorrect or missing value on the right-hand side of the screen. Then click on the correct value on the left-hand side of the original document. It should now automatically pick it up.
  • A red “Annotate” button will appear. Click it, and the system will start “learning”. 
  • (!) Important: you should wait until the "Annotating invoice document" is finished before closing the pop up window.

In some situation, when line-level annotation could not be applied, this "click-click" action can be used to quickly add value on the line level, for example quantities or amounts:

It won't apply annotation process by will help you to quickly add and save values instead of manually entering it on the data screen.