• Learn how to train the system to pick up the correct header and footer information from the invoice.

Value-based annotation is used to train the system to pick up the following items from the invoice:

Video lesson: Watch how to use value-based annotation training in Ocerra

A step-by-step guide

  • To start this annotation process, click on the incorrect or missing value on the right-hand side of the screen. Then click on the correct value on the left-hand side of the original document. It should now automatically pick it up.
  • A red “Annotate” button will appear. Click it, and the system will start “learning”.
  • (!) Important: you should wait until the "Annotating invoice document" is finished before closing the pop-up window. This will ensure that you see the annotation result:

Other cost

The Other cost in Ocerra is used to train the freight cost, discount or other costs from the summary of the invoice. Learn about the Other cost here.


Sometimes the system may not give you a result after annotation. This might be due to a specific invoice layout that the system is unfamiliar with. Please add the value again by following the above instructions but skip the annotate button. Save the document instead. Learn about exceptions here.