• Learn how to get help from Ocerra support in the most efficient way.

Log in to Ocerra support portal to create support requests

You can also quickly access Ocerra support page by clicking at the question mark here:

Activation email to use support portal

You need to be logged in to our Support Portal to request support and view your tickets.

If you are have an "accountant" or "supervisor" role in Ocerra, you will receive an invitation email to join our support portal. Please follow instructions in this email to activate your portal access. For example:

Creating a support request in Ocerra Portal

When your account in our portal is activated, you can Submit tickets using our support form, for example:

When a ticket is created using our support portal, you can track the progress of your request and view all your other tickets in any status. 

For example:

You can also see your team’s requests within your organisation. This will be helpful if someone already asked a similar question. 

Asking for assistance via portal helps us to address your question or issue faster, as other team members can see it and reply to it. Also, it is not getting lost in our email, a support ticket is a task that has a priority and status.  

Contact support using support email

Alternatively, you can use our support email: support@ocerra.freshdesk.com

Tips for faster support

By sending your queries via support portal or support email, we can address your queries in more efficient way.

If your request is related to a specific invoice, please share the URL of the document or invoice number so we can quickly open it up for review.