• Learn how to use Ocerra support to optimise your support experience.
  • Learn about Ocerra response time to general inquiries, feature requests including custom reports and workflow setup.

Create a support request

You will be presented with a Submit a ticket form:

If you don't see an option to create New Support Ticket, email to  support: support@ocerra.freshdesk.com

You will receive an activation email to access the portal and an option to access all support features. Alternatively, you can click to sing up here:

Ticket Tips

Tip: If your query relates to a specific invoice, please send us a URL link to the document.

View all your tickets and statuses

Support Email

Alternatively, if you prefer to use your email, you can send your support queries to support@ocerra.freshdesk.com.


Sending an email to this address will automatically create a support ticket in our portal. While this method won't provide the same features as logging a ticket directly from the portal, it ensures that we have your request recorded.


By choosing either method, you can help us serve you better and provide a more streamlined support experience.

How to quickly access our support portal:

Access the Ocerra support page by clicking on the question mark here:

Response time

  • We are aiming to provide the first support response within 24-48 business hours, prioritising urgent requests for faster attention.
  • Ocerra support hours are from Monday to Friday, 8am - 5pm.
  • We are a small team and don't have phone support at this stage.

Feature Requests, including custom reports and workflow configurations:

Please kindly note that all feature requests undergo internal review and discussions to explore the feasibility of implementation. We are committed to providing a thoughtful response.

  • Kindly allow up to 1-2 business weeks for us to assess and respond to your request.