• Learn how to set up invoice priority levels.

Ocerra allows you to set up priority for invoice processing to ensure that invoices are handled in the order of importance or urgency. No complex configuration is needed; you can enable this with the existing custom fields.

Configure invoice priority:

  1. Navigate to Settings, under General.
  2. Go to the Custom Fields.
  3. Tick the ‘Show’ and ‘Column’ boxes and label it as 'Priority.'
  4. In the 'Type' field, choose 'Select' to enable a drop-down option.
  5. For the 'Title,' you can use 'Set Approver Priority.

(!) Click the ‘+’ sign and define different priority levels. These levels could include 'High,' 'Medium,' and 'Low,' for example. Customise the priority levels to align with your preferences.

Once configured, a 'Priority' column will be automatically added in invoice list and approval folder.

How to add priority level to an invoice

As Ocerra receives invoices, accountants can assign a priority to each one. This is done at the invoice extracted details, where you can select the appropriate priority level from the available options.

With the priority levels assigned, approvers can now process invoices according to their importance. 

You can filter invoices by priority in the filter section. This will allow you to sort invoices by priority level, making it easy to identify which invoices require immediate attention.

(!) Please note that you can decide whether to put the 'priority' option (Custom Fields) in the Document Notes (header level) or in the Footer level.

(!) We will make further enhancements with colour coding for invoice processing prioritisation.