• Filter invoices by invoice status, number, name, PO match, data extraction or approver name.

Where to find filters

  • Navigate to "invoices" on menu panel
  • Above the list of your invoices you will find filters menu

You can use multiple filters at the same time.

Filter meanings

Here is a list of all filters available in Ocerra and what they do.

Filter From -  find invoices by supplier name

Filter Number -  find invoices by invoice number

Filter PO number - Find invoices by PO number

Filter State - find invoices by invoice status, e.g. Received, Submitted, Approved - or any other status that you have configured in the system.

Filter PO matches

This filter allows you to find invoices that are either missing the PO number (Missing), PO number does not match the lines on the invoices (No) or invoices that have PO numbers that match with the lines (Yes).

Filter Validation criteria

  • By using this filter you can choose to see invoices that failed or succeeded to process the invoice correctly.
  • If you choose validation = Failure, you will see only invoices with the "balanced" unmatched and vice versa if you chose Validation = Success, you will all invoices that match the header level and line level figures.

Filter Approver (new)

This filter works if an invoice was already approved by a specific person. For example, filter Approver like/= Sasha and see all invoices approved by this person: