(!) This functionality is available through API only by request.


  • Custom fields are used to add additional information when exporting invoices to your system. For example, you can add rebate types or comments.
  • Custom fields are only editable on the invoice page. 

In Ocerra, you can add custom fields by going to Settings – General – Custom Fields:

  • Tab Name: enter the name of your custom field here, by default it is called "Other".
  • Use + sign to unfold setup for each custom field.
  • Use Show checkbox to activate/show custom field on invoices.
  • Use Column to enable column view on the approval and invoice lists. 
  • Use Label as a name of the custom field that will be shown to the end-user.
  • Click on Type to use either Select or Text type for the custom field:
    1. Select will present a drop-down option for the end-user.
    2. Text will present a text option that they can use to type in the text.
  • Use Title as a description of this field (this is not shown to the end-user)
  • Add options for the drop-down if using Select type. Add each option on a new row. 
  • Can Approver edit this field(s) on the approval screen? Tick the checkbox if yes, leave it blank if no.

Example Setup

This example setup will look like this on each invoice page:

(!) Please note: 

  • Custom fields are designed for user-generated input. It is not captured by AI, and thus, it cannot be trained to remember this information per invoice or vendor. 
  • If you would like to export custom fields information to your ERP system, please contact support. 
  • Custom fields can be at either the header or footer level.

Custom Fields: Header vs. Footer 

You can decide whether to put Custom Fields in the Document Notes (header level)

Or in Footer level - if you tick the Footer box:

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